Sit and Go Tournaments strategy

As you probably know in Sit and Go Tournaments the blinds play a major role in the game. The basic strategy here is to get ahead early and stay ahead or to hang on into the final stages of the table and make a big move towards the end.

In the early stages of the blinds, your aim is to double up if possible. You need to be looking at the implied odds of your hand. So a hand with high implied odds is worth a shout as you will win big pots on hands like that.

In the third and fourth levels of blinds, a tight but aggressive manner will complement you. You must try to avoid going all in. Reduce your playing hands to only the premier hands. You can call pocket pairs to see the flop if it is cheap, but don�t go throwing away your chips.

In the later stages of the game you may find yourself in one of 3 positions:

  1. Shortstack - The blinds will soon eat you up. Before this happens you need to get all in so you can double up. You want to go all-in pre-flop with a decent looking hand. You need to get all-in. If you have only one or two big blinds left in you, go all in no matter what you have.

  2. Chip leader - Everyone at the table is looking to you to put other players out. This is a responsibility you do not want. If someone goes all in, most of the time you should avoid this, unless you know you are better off. You should be blind stealing with decent hands. This should maintain your lead until the end. Be patient.

  3. Middle stack - You want to be a contender at the end. You need to get some more chips so some risks may have to be taken. You shouldn't be afraid to go all-in with A and a high card. You are trying to place in the money.